Backed by 20 years of clinical research and experience

Newrologix is a comprehensive program designed to optimize the brain's performance and uses the most current live EEG data collection software on the market.

Newrologix protocols train your brain into more balanced brain states. Focus, concentration, learning, reading, writing, listening, behavior and other cognitive states use specific “radio stations” the brain must be tuned into to perform efficiently. If the brain is “out of tune” at any of these frequencies, inefficiencies, and other processing problems can happen.

Along with live feedback brain imaging, Newrologix protocols can provide you feedback through the use of video streaming. When you do Neurofeedback correctly, you are “rewarded” with a brightly lit movie instead of a dark screen. This happens only when you produce the right brainwave patterns. Producing the wrong patterns darkens the screen. Over time, the brain learns how to produce only the patterns that keep the movie brightly lit while simultaneously trying to avoid the ones that produce a dark screen. Once the brain learns how continuously produce the right ones, it becomes easier for the brain to sustain them. Newrologix Neurofeedback is a revolutionary way to truly make changes to the brainwave patterns that guide our daily behaviors and cognitive abilities.

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Newrologix education

Newrologix Education training protocols can help improve focus and concentration by “retraining” healthy brain waves using state-of-the-art technology.

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newrologix athletics

Sports related performance factors in the brain require extremely profound states of brain control and can impact overall performance in a wide variety of athletics and cognitive efficiency.

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newrologix align

Out of balance brainwaves can cause a tremendous amount of missed cues about how we interpret our environment and others.

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Newrologix corporate

Newrologix corporate helps improve the quality of focus and duration of concentration throughout the work day, allowing you to maintain peak performance.